The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be charged with 100% battery for only 12 minutes

Battery discoveries happen all the time, in labs, but rarely come to the device – at least until now. Samsung has displayed a new ‘graphene’ battery that could mean that their next Galaxy S9 phone will be charged for up to 12 minutes.

The new battery will replace the lithium-ion batteries found in telephones, clothing, and car.

The battery of the next generation uses what are called graphene balls that are capable of holding 45 percent lithium capacity but are charged super fast in 12 minutes. This makes these batteries perfect not only for phones but also for cars.

The key point is that this development is able to stand up to 60 degrees Celsius. This means that it will not only be charged fast but will remain safe in phones, clothing and cars. Following Samsung’s previous record of smartphone outbreaks, the company will have to take no risk of future battery developments.

All this comes from what was originally a mistake. The researchers were trying to massively synthesize graphene when they were confused with high strength and conductive graphene balls – ideal for drums.

While we are hoping to see this in the next Samsung Galaxy S9 we are aware of the battery safety technology testing takes time so they are keeping this in a hope for now.

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