You are in the diet, but you are not losing weight: The problem is with the vegetables you eat!

There are not all vegetables alike, so, to lose the desired kilograms, you also have to remove them from the menu. Are you in the diet and mainly eat vegetables and protein?

This is the best way to lose kilograms, but only if you eat the proper vegetables given that they are not the same all vegetables.


Want to eat corn? During the time of the diet it is best to avoid it because it contains many amide, namely hydrocarbons
short chain, which quickly enters the blood and raises the level of sugar.


Pumpkin has a relatively high content of hydrocarbons. You may also notice that he remembers much of the potato. If you want to keep kilograms under control, be careful to limit as much pumpkin consumption as possible, even though we know that squash jams are one of the most desired in winter.

Boiled carrots

Fresh carrots, except that it is super-healthy, is also ideal for any form of diet. However, the boiled carrots glycemic index is significantly higher, so we recommend eating fresh carrots.


They think that it is not necessary to mention the potato in some forms such as unhealthy sweet corn, and anyway damages your body line. However, even if you are cooking fat-free potatoes, this article has a high glycemic index, which means it raises your blood sugar level but causes hunger faster than other foods.