Apple with a new iPad, starting at $ 259?

A recent speculation from “close sources,” says Apple is preparing a cheaper iPad with a diagonal of 9.7 inches for next year. As you may know, the company released iPad 9.7 (2017) in March, and this model is priced at $ 329. At first, it was the cheapest iPad of its size.

But in 2018, the device’s successor is said to start with only $ 259. If this is to happen, the rumored device will no doubt begin a resurgence of the tablet sector in the world of mobile devices that has not been doing well in recent years. The proposal is said to start in the second quarter, so sometime between April and June.

The next iPad should allow Apple to maintain the current quarterly tablet deliveries of about 10 million units. Key competitors in this space, such as Samsung, Amazon, Huawei, and Lenovo are expected to come up with their affordable opportunities to compete with the new iPad. Keep in mind that everything you just read is just a speculation for now.