Paul Walker Faked Death: Fans Need To Stop Making Up Insensitive Hoaxes

If Tupac has taught us anything, it’s that people love celebrity conspiracy theories. They love to speculate and treat movie stars as if they’re more like the characters they play, instead of the real people they actually are. And even if these conspiracy theorists don’t want to admit, perpetuating a hoax also allows them to avoid facing the harsh reality that a beloved star is gone.
But that’s the truth — Paul died in a fiery car accident on Nov. 30. His family cremated him and held a memorial service two weeks later. That does hurt, but the only thing that hurts more is hearing hoax after hoax that Paul’s not actually dead, or that he even faked his death. And it must hurt the most for Paul’s family members.
Stop The Hoaxes For Meadow Walker. Put yourself in Meadow’s shoes. This 15-year-old girl lost her father about a month ago — she’s likely still struggling to cope with that. Now, can you imagine trying to face your dad’s death while also hearing thousands of people speculate that this most painful tragedy is all a ruse? It has to be painful, confusing, annoying, and cause Meadow and her family to go through a thousand different emotions all at once.
We should be honoring Paul in his passing, not creating lies to suggest he never even died. It’s just not right. It’s insensitive. So for (hopefully) the last time, let’s all agree to stop making stuff up and stop letting these hoaxes gain traction on Twitter. If not for Paul’s memory, then for Paul’s daughter.
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