The Sad Truth Behind Why You Don’t See Johnny Knoxville Anymore

It was in the year 2000 when Johnny Knoxville was working for the skateboarding magazine known as Big Brother Magazine. When he informed the then editor that he wanted to test self-defense equipment on himself, little did he know he would create a small cult following that would last decades. Since then, the term ‘Jackass’ has been synonymous with Johnny Knoxville and his crew of ‘stuntmen.’
But since the last Jackass movie, no one has really heard from Johnny Knoxville or the rest of that cast for the matter.
And unfortunately, the sad truth behind why we haven’t seen Johnny Knoxville is in large part due to the death of Ryan Dunn.
It was in 2011 when Ryan Dunn and production assistant Zachary Hartwell passed away in a fiery car crash after their Porsche smashed into a tree at high speed./providr
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