18 Things to watch out for in 2018

Extended Hispanic Family Enjoying Meal At Table

FOOD: 1. DRYNUARY: After ‘No Shave November’, Drynuary is the latest fad to have gone global. Put simply, it means ‘Dry January’. After a long spell of carousing, people are opting to usher in the New Year by staying off booze for the first month of the year.
2. FARM-TO-TABLE IN A FARM: Farm-to-table is no longer about eating organic produce in restaurants. Plucking your own veggies at a farm and having a chef prepare impromptu dishes is the new fad. Family visits to farms in and around your city or vacations at a farm-turned-resort will be big this year. A smaller trend in this will be “Cowshed Chomp”. Cow’s milk, ghee and cheese, name it and you have it.
This year visit milk farms to see the entire milking process and enjoy fresh cheese and ghee churned out right in front of you.
3. VEG STEAKS: You don’t need to be a carnivore to enjoy a steak in 2018. Expect eggplant, cabbage, mushroom, tofu and cauliflower steaks to adorn your plate. With vegetarian food becoming popular, chefs are working overtime to dish out healthy hogs that will be more than just grilled and peppered paneer./timesofindia
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