Crazy Entitled Religious Lady Wants Free Transport and Isn’t Messing Around

A friend in need is a friend indeed. However, if that friend is an angry church lady that needs transportation, maybe it’s time to find a new friend. It’s not just that this church lady needs transportation, she needs free transportation. Luckily, she has some friends who are willing to help.
Unluckily for those friends, this angry church lady is not going to accept their help unless it is exactly what she wants. She needs free transportation for 20 people and she will not accept anything less than that. Not only that, but she is impatient enough to demand the next person speak up immediately.
This may be one of the most unintentionally hilarious Facebook threads ever created. This angry church lady probably had no idea that her indignation at the kindness of others would end up going viral. Still, when this lady needs transportation, people better be able to deliver, lest they incur her wrath.
The angry church lady first lets people know that she is, in fact, angry. She then conveniently states exactly what she needs help with: transportation for 20 people./providr
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