Woman Celebrates Losing 300 Pounds By Wearing The Same Outfits In Her Before-And-After Photos

Once December rolls around, we are all forced to take a closer look at ourselves. Introspection is a crucial part of the equation this time of year. This is a time when we take stock of ourselves and try to remain as honest as possible. When we refuse to have a period of honest self assessment each year , we are not hurting anyone else except for ourselves.
For a number of people, this topic usually tends to circle back to the idea of weight loss. As we grow older, the pounds tend to become much harder to shed. January is when all of the grandiose promises are made and this is also when the Internet likes to mock those who are not going to stick to their resolutions. When Lexi and her husband decided that it was time to lose weight, they would not allow their resolve to be tested.
They stuck to their guns every step of the way. The couple began the year of 2016 at a combined weight of 765 pounds. Danny was a somewhat manageable 280 pounds and his wife Lexi had allowed herself to balloon to nearly 500 pounds. Over the past two years, they have been able to shed 400 pounds. The before and after pictures are extremely startling.
The couple credits their desire to tackle the process together for allowing them to stick with it. Lexi began the process as a size 28 and has since dwindled to a 10. As for Danny, he has gone down from a 46 pant size to a 32. They cut out all of the fast food gorging that they had grown to rely on and they celebrated their transformation in a very memorable manner./goodfullnes
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