15-Year-Old Takes Mic For National Anthem, His Voice Leaves Crowd Amazed

Being 15 means dealing with acne, homework, and practice. But this 15-year-old took the mic to sing the National Anthem, and his voice left the crowd amazed. It’s impressive when you have to deal with so much at this age and have this amazing talent at the same time. That’s why Sam Keith left everyone speechless with his powerful voice. Sam was a Sophomore at Nashoba Regional High School in Massachusetts.
He played on the school’s football team and was asked to sing at his game. As soon as he hit the first note, his voice gave the crowd goosebumps down their spines. I’m sure some people were probably shocked to see a football player walk over to the mic. But Sam’s friends weren’t surprised at all. They knew that he was a singer and actor at the school.
Talk about being a triple threat. Once Sam’s name was called, he stood next to a woman who made sure that his mic was working. Once the music started, Sam didn’t miss a beat. Those who didn’t really know the high school sophomore were probably shocked while they sat at the bleachers. He has the voice of a mature, trained bass singer. It honestly sounds like he’s in his 20’s!
It’s really difficult to sing classically. You have to make sure that every note is on key. Clearly, Sam has had some training because not once did he hit a flat or sharp and he held each note perfectly. He even used his crescendos properly. The audience kept quiet so that they can hear Sam’s voice, but of course, everyone wanted to cheer as loud as they possibly could./providr
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