Fans Go Crazy After Photos Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby Bump Emerge

Theories surrounding Kylie Jenner’s possible pregnancy have been running rampant. Fans have been speculating for months whether or not the social media star is actually pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s child and with a recent photo of Kylie Jenner’s baby bump emerging, the internet is in an uproar. Kylie Jenner, 20, and 25-year-old rapper Travis Scott have been dating since April 2017.
Things seemed to be moving fast for the couple from the start. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott even got matching tattoos after just 2 months of dating. The two got matching butterflies on the back of their calves, and butterflies are speculated to have meaning to the couple. Travis’ latest track The Butterfly Effect was released in May, just after they started dating and it’s suspected that “butterfly” is the rapper’s nickname for Kylie. Until then, most fans viewed the new relationship as more of a fling.
Kylie Jenner was previously linked to another rapper, Tyga (below). the two had dated on and off for several years before calling it quits in 2016. But Kylie has been laying low about their relationship, refraining from being as public about the relationship as she was with Tyga. Now rumors are swirling after fans were gifted with the Kardashian family’s yearly advent calendar and Kylie Jenner was visibly absent. The long-awaited annual holiday photo featured every Kardashian and Jenner family member in a white top and denim except Kylie./providr
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