Optical Illusion: Where Are The Missing Legs?

Six friends got together and took a photo. They probably never guessed that it would end up being known as the “missing legs photo.” Why the intriguing name? Look closely at the above image and see if you notice anything strange. It’s actually a very cool optical illusion. Some people still have a hard time figuring it out.
You might have noticed that these girls seem to be short one set of legs. Hence calling this the “missing legs photo.” Internet sleuths have been trying to figure out where the set of missing legs might be, or how this photo may have been manipulated. Here’s one hint: it hasn’t been photoshopped in any manner.
Below, you’ll see the answer to the “missing legs photo.” Along with this cool optical illusion, you can also find some other great photos that have left people baffled. Some contain a hard to find object, some of them are just a matter of perspective, and others may just leave you confused. Take a look for yourself!
First, Here’s the solution to the “missing legs photo,” as discovered by Reddit user postalbowl. As you can see, the first and second girl from the left are wearing similarly colored pants./providr
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